December 9, 2014

Such courage.

Sixteen Women

I never want to be defined by what someone has done to me. Yet at the same time, I have no shame about what I’ve lived or who I’ve become because of what was done to me. I am a strong, passionate, caring, empathetic, powerhouse woman. It’s important that the suffering ends with me. I tell my girls all the time that the world is good. I won’t allow anyone to take away my passion for life. And that is my greatest victory.

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Letters: 25 years later, reflecting on the Polytechnique Massacre

Montreal Gazette

The anniversary of the murder of 14 women at the Polytechnique saddens me immensely. Even 25 years later, I feel the same grief every year on Dec. 6 since 1989.

Writing this, I glance out the window at Saturday’s pale grey sky and it seems to so well convey the gloom of this anniversary, to reflect the mood I’m feeling.

The only benefit (if one could call it that) this day has for me is that it reminds me to reflect upon a subject often too horrible to contemplate; the incredible cruelty we humans can commit against one another.

As I watch the politicians light candles, make solemn speeches and once again repeat the same words they use year after year, I deplore the fact that some of them are only mouthing these words in the hope of scoring political points from those who feel authentic sorrow.

But I mostly think…

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