Sudanese woman sentenced to death gives birth in prison

He told them, “This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. (Luke 24:46-47)

Dear Benefactors,

Finally, the week has arrived for Pope Francis to visit Jordan and the Holy Land. In order to encourage you to stay united in prayer with the Pontiff, we are offering you a text which tells the story of Msgr Marcuzzo, the Vicar of Israel’s Latin Patriarch, while he was a seminarian 50 years ago and when Paul VI visited the Holy Land.

United through prayer for the poor and suffering Church,

Robert Lalonde & the ACN Canada Team

The Holy Land

“Pope Francis is a real model of the priesthood”

By Oliver Maksan, ACN International

When Pope Paul VI visited the Holy Land, Auxiliary Bishop Marcuzzo was still only a seminarian. But to this day he remains impressed by the visit. Now, 50 years later, other seminarians are preparing for the visit of a new Pope.

Returning to the sources – this was the goal Pope Paul VI had set himself when in 1963 he revealed to the astonished Council Fathers his plan to visit the Holy Land. “The pilgrimage of Pope Paul VI was the key to the understanding of the Second Vatican Council, and conversely, it is not possible to understand his visit without the Council. The return to the beginnings, to the Holy Places of the Faith, to the simplicity of the Gospel – all these things are expressed in his pilgrimage and in the Council.” This is the conviction of Bishop Giacinto Boulos Marcuzzo, who was speaking recently to ACN.

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May 23
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May 30
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Global News

A Sudanese woman sentenced to death after marrying a Christian man reportedly gave birth to a girl in prison, a month earlier than her due date.

The condition of her Meriam Yehya Ibrahim’s newborn daughter is not known.

The Omdurman women’s prison where the 27-year-old is being held in isolation has only a basic clinic.

According to the Guardian, Ibrahim has been held in shackles at the facility, in Khartoum, since her conviction.

Ibrahim was convicted of apostasy — or renouncing of religious (Muslim) faith — earlier this month and sentenced to death by hanging.

She was also convicted of adultery for marrying a Christian man, and was handed a punishment of 100 lashes (she was charged with adultery because it’s prohibited for Muslim women to marry Christian men under the country’s strict Islamic law).

Her lawyer is hoping for an appeal against her sentence, which Sudanese officials say won’t be…

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